Callaway X2 Hot Fairway Metals

Drafting on the success of the original X HOT series, Callaway’s X2 HOT fairway metals incorporate an even thinner face which, when coupled with Hyper Speed Face Cup technology, translates into increased ball speed. Which translates into increased distance. Which translates into shorter approach shots or in some cases eagle opportunities. Which …. you get the idea. More on the specs and tech below:

Callaway X2 HOT Fairways

X2 Hot Fairway Woods | X2 Hot Pro Fairway Woods
The Company’s fairway wood market share doubled in 2013. To keep pace in 2014 with X2 Hot, the team added the new Hyper Speed Face Cup technology that incorporates a thinner face for added ball speed, particularly on impacts low in the face. The addition of a 455 carpenter steel face cup changed the paradigm in last year’s wildly popular fairway wood, yet initial testing has shown the new Hyper Speed Face Cup is adding 1.4 mph average ball speed over its predecessor.

The team also improved the Internal Standing Wave, a weighting system that gives Callaway engineers an ideal CG position for distance from all impact locations on the face, and allows them to position weight close to the face without reducing its flexibility. Callaway will offer a host of options in the X2 Hot Fairway Wood, expanding the distance and versatility offerings for various player types and playing conditions. This includes new options of the Deep Fairway Woods, which gained notoriety with Phil Mickelson’s incredible birdie on the Par 5 17 en route to his 2013 Open Championship victory. Options include a 3-, 4-, 5-, 7-, 9- and 11-wood in the Standard model; a 13.5°, 15°, 17° and 19° in the Pro model, and Callaway will add to its Deep series with an X2 Hot Pro 2Deep, a 3Deep and a 5Deep offering. Stocks shafts are the same as the driver.

NiceShot Gloves

Nice Shot

The origins of hand gestures are rooted in culture and customs that go back long before verbalization. And the game of golf with all of its customs and traditions should be no different.

The A Swing

The A Swing

The A Swing reduces wasted motion and simplifies what is required of the body to let the arms swing the club around it and produce a solid shot time after time.

Oakley TAIL

Where The Tail Ends

The TAIL series of optics feature lightweight, durable C-5 alloy and a new ‘twist’ on stem architecture, and laser-etching to create a faux lens rim-line for a modern minimalist look.

Callaway MINI

Callaway Gives Bertha To A Mini

Longer off the tee than a traditional 3-wood, the MINI aims to provide a ‘little’ extra forgiveness and confidence over the ball when you need it most.

SunIce Derby Down

Derby Down

Made from an ultralight weight down, the jacket is ideal for cool mornings and evenings when an extra layer is required, but not any extra bulk or weight.

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