Nike Rory McIlroy OPEN

Major Style: Rory McIlroy

When it comes to sports we all know that 'anything can happen' but with a six shot lead going into the final round of the 2014 Open … MORE

Ping G30 IRON

Ping G30 Irons

Rounding out the G30 family from Ping are a set of progressive irons built to launch it higher, carry it further, and maximize forgiveness. … MORE

Ping G30 Fairway

G30 Adjustable Fairway Woods

Much like the patriarch of the new G30 family, the new fairway metals from Ping also incorporate 'turbulator' technology plus a few other … MORE

Ping G30 Driver

Ping’s Turbulator G30

Ping's newest uses 'turbulator' technology to reduce drag and effectively increase club speed. In layman's terms they've made some visible … MORE

Nike Adapt

The Nike Lunar Adapts To Her

Interesting to see how much Nike, at least with respect to their latest golf footwear lines, are blurring the lines between all out … MORE

Garmin S6

The Feature Laden Garmin S6

As a general rule we tend to frown upon GPS devices on the golf course. In our experience, outside of the very accomplished player, they … MORE

diald James

Dial It In

Another boutique brand that has a slightly more casual take on the game. The sort of stuff the 18-34 demographic will feel far more … MORE



Destination Golf

Streamsong Resort

Streamsong Resort

27° 40’ 39.69” N – 81° 55’ 56.14” W The trend in golf course design nowadays is clearly one that … [MORE]